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How To Avoid Getting Your Adsense Account Disabled

The How - toís on Avoiding Getting Your Adsense Account Disabled

The adsense is advertisements wherein webmasters or web publishers can display related Google ads on their site and then earn easy money. It can provide you with decent profit and some even became millionaires through this alone.

If you have a website and thinks that itís just a form of preceding time, nothing more nothing less, you better fancy again. The adsense is a great opportunity for you to earn big cash by just putting the same text from the Google ads on your site so that people who visit your page could see the advertisement as well.

The website owner of these advertisements pays Google for every click that heartfelt produces. Since youíre helping out the search engine, in turn they will also pay you. So are you now interested on how to start earning whopper bucks with adsense?

It may not be since easy as what real sounds because you need of course to build your website first and start increasing the number of visitors or traffic to your page. The logic here is because you necessity to gain money through adsense. And in order for you to increase the clicks from the ads, you need to establish your page first in consequence that visitors would see the adsense.

So how does adsense stunt? Adsense is a free account program. You can copy the HTML provided on your site and then youíre good to go. Whenever visitors click on the ads you placed, you gain a specific percentage from what Google earns.

In spite of this good news, a lot of sites are being banned from advertising Google Adsense. Most of these are from those that frauds or fakes the number of clicks of the ads from their websites. The sad part about it is that sometimes the Google Company may ban you even if youíre innocent.

It is quite difficult to prove your ethicalness once you got banned from the program. There are some who claims that they did not know the exact rules and regulations since they overlook on the terms of condition. So what Google did is they time in up with a list on how to prevent your adsense from getting banned or disabled.

1. Never ever fraud the adsense by clicking your own advertisements. Fraud is a major crime when it comes to adsense. They have their own ways on how they can track you whether the number of click are authentic or not.

2. Do not ask the visitors to click the ads you placed. Some web publishers posts notes on their page asking the visitors to click the ads while there are some who even threat them that they will be banned.

3. Do not utilize any pop - ups or software installations that are automatic.

4. Be careful on how your site is being promoted. This goes out for those who use spy ware to promote their site.

5. Never include Google ads on adult sites such as gambling or porns. These sites are strictly prohibited.

6. Be sagacious of the guidelines on using Google on your site.

7. Do not tamper or change the script of Adsense code.

8. Give users or visitors a positive experience by not bombarding them with too many pop - ups.

9. If Google emailed you, respond immediately.

But what if Google accidentally banned or disabled your adsense account? Here are some things which you can do if unusually that happens.

1. As the number of Adsense is growing, personify patient when Google cannot respond to you as quickly as what youíre expecting.

2. Never escape your temper and start cursing Google for accidentally banning you from the program. You may lose your chance from getting back from the program again.

3. Store all the information that Google may need to prove you are innocent.

4. Lastly do not give up.

These are just some guidelines to help you start your own Google adsense. In order to prevent your account from being disabled, read the whole terms of condition. It may be tiring but it is for your own sake in the end.

So the next you want to earn fast without being tied with anything, try considering the adsense program. Itís free, fun and most of all it pays you.




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