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Google Adsense Familiarize Yourself With The Google Adsense Preview Tool

Google Adsense: Familiarize Yourself with the Google Adsense Preview Tool

The Google Adsense Preview Tool allows you to preview the ads that may show on any web page thereby letting you make an educated decision on whether to add Google Adsense to your existing pages.

You can also view sample ad formats and colors which will allow you to see how the colors and formats you want to appear in your ads will look before they actually launch on your pages.

You can also view borders, backgrounds and text colors from the preview tool and by clicking preview you can see how these will look with actual ads.

You can also see geo - targeted location ads meaning you can see what ads users in Canada can see even if you live in Japan.

The Preview Tool is available in all active Adsense languages and is easy to install. For specific installation instructions, you’ll need to go to the Google Adsense Support site. Follow the instructions and click on the link provided and you’ll be a previewing genius in no time!




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