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Google Adsense Do I Need A Pin Number For Google Adsense

Google Adsense: Do I Need A Pin Number For Google Adsense?

When you accumulate $50. 00 in earnings, Google Adsense will send you a Personal Identification Number ( PIN ) to the payment address you supplied when you signed up. This is just another security precaution that Google Adsense has in place to protect their publishers but it is important.

Once youíve been mailed a PIN number, your account payments will be on hold until the PIN is entered in your account. You can still have access to your account and earn money; you just wonít be paid until the PIN is entered. If it hasnít been entered within 1 year, your account will be disabled.

To enter your PIN after you receive it in the mail, log into your Google Adsense account. Click on the My Account tab, then click on edit. Update the appropriate field and click submit changes. It would also be a good time to check your contact information and make sure it is correct. Youíre now well on your way to receiving your first Google Adsense check.




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